Lambert Inc.

Lambert Inc. are the experts at both structural and decorative concrete, in addition to traditional plain concrete. We have the experience and know-how to tackle any concrete project with skill and expertise.

Our varied concrete applications have included commercial, municipal and residential projects.

Pervious Concrete
Along with traditional concrete, Lambert Inc. can offer customers pervious concrete installations. This is a porous concrete that drains quickly, allowing rainwater to seep into the ground, thus replenishing the water table.

Pervious concrete is used primarily for pavement, and this technology also eliminates the need for retention ponds and other stormwater management devices. Pervious concrete is easy to maintain and resists potholes caused by gasoline and other hydrocarbons.

Lambert Inc. has handled a large variety of concrete installations, including:

* Site Work
* Sidewalks and Walkways
* Footings
* Slabs of All Sizes
* Walls
* Curb and Gutter
* Pre-cast Vaults
* Foundations
* Roadways and Driveways
* Parking Lots
* Foundations
* Structures/Buildings
* Decorative Concrete
   including Stamped
   Concrete and Acid Stained
* Repair and Renovation
   of Existing Concrete

Lambert Inc. takes pride in working with the customer to provide the right concrete installation for every individual situation.

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